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Combining Traditional and Complimentary Medicine

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A doctor of osteopathy takes a different direction for healing than a medical doctor does. At the Edison Medical Nutrition Center, Dr. Richard Menashe will follow this approach, in order to help you take charge of your overall health.


Dr. Menashe believes in caring for the person as a whole. He looks at how the body is integrated and looks at each patient as an individual. Combining individuality and how the different parts of the body work together, Dr. Menashe develops a treatment plan that will work for you.

Dr. Menashe provides nutrional counseling and evaluation, treatment for cholesterol and blood pressure problems, treatment for gastrointestinal and stomach disorders, chelation and IV vitamin therapy, allergy evaluation and management, therapy, rolfing, and osteopath.

Dr. Menashe offers certified rolfing.

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Our focus here is on preventative care, meaning we can help you stay healthy and ward off illnesses with nutrition and more natural methods.


Learn how our approach to weight loss works and how it will set you on a path to physical and emotional well-being.

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