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Combining Traditional and Complimentary Medicine

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Say so long to fad diets and hello to a medical approach that works. Proper weight is an important factor in maintaining your health, and losing weight the right way is the first step on that journey.


When you come to our practice, the focus will be on nutrition and the types of things you eat. We'll assess what's wrong with your diet and lifestyle, along with what's right and set you on a new path to health and confidence.

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You've heard of the saying "you are what you eat" and there's some truth to it. Our food habits help to define us.


During your appointments, we'll help you start putting the right things in your body. First we will lend you a helping hand with choosing the right kind of food, and then we'll move our focus to losing weight.

Why nutrition is so important

Losing weight the healthy and natural way

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